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Providing an Opportunity to Give in Ways That Matter to You Most.

There are so many ways Loyola raises the lives of the young men who come here.  In addition to providing them a rigorous education, we bring them closer to God, create self-esteem, build character, and enrich their lives in a multitude of ways.

Providing such a rich depth and breadth of opportunities for our students also means we can offer our donors a variety of ways to support this remarkable mission.  That’s why we’ve created The Giving Page.  Here, not only do you have an opportunity to give to our Annual Appeal which goes to support our entire high school, you can select to designate your donation to any of five key areas we’ve identified.  These areas reflect the 360-degree approach we have for educating our young men.

Whatever your choice, every dollar you donate is deeply appreciated and will go towards our mission of providing a quality, Catholic education in the Jesuit tradition to our young men.

Thank you in advance for your contribution and for all that you do for Loyola High School.

Opportunities for Giving:


1. Teachers’ Salaries

Our faculty represents the very foundation of our school.  By maintaining small class sizes – with 12 to 13 young men per class – teachers can give our students the personalized attention and support that has led to Loyola achieving 12 consecutive years of 100% college acceptance among our graduates.  Please consider supporting the important work of our dedicated faculty.

2. A New or Gently Used Work Experience Van

Our Work Experience Program is one of the pillars of a young man’s education at Loyola.  It builds self-esteem and provides our students with real world experience.  However, our vans are aging, and we are in dire need of a new, or gently used, van to transport our student workers to their places of employment.  $10,000 has already been raised. Please consider donating to get us across the finish line.

3. Student Religious Retreats

In addition to Masses and Morning Prayer, each year our seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen travel to special locations to strengthen their closeness to God and to one another.  The cost of our seniors Kairos retreat alone is $5000.  Please consider supporting these annual spiritual encounters.

4. Student Tuition

The cost to educate a young man at Loyola each year is over $20,000.  Yet, the most any family will pay in tuition is $4300 per year.  Further, on average, families here pay approximately $1200 per year.  Most of the rest comes from our generous donors.  Your contribution to student tuition is vital to ensuring that current students can complete their education here…and that more students have the opportunity to avail themselves of a Loyola High School education.

5. Building Safety, Maintenance, and Repairs

Our campus is beautiful in so many ways.  But our school is also a century old.  In the winter, our heating costs can be as high as $7,000 per month.  In addition, spring rains inevitably bring new leaks.  Add to that current inflation levels and we often find it’s a struggle each month to keep a safe and warm roof over students’, faculty, and staffs’ heads.  Your donation here supports the actual foundation of our school – the brick and mortar – and makes it possible for us to concentrate on keeping our doors open for deserving young men.

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