07 Sep 2018

Football Schedule

2018 Loyola Football

Week 1           Aug.25           Eastpointe                 Home (Hazel Park)              Win

Week 2           Aug.31           A.A.G.R.                     Home (Hazel Park)              Win

Week 3           Sept. 8            Escanaba                  Away                                        Varsity 2pm

Week 4           Sept. 14         Country Day             Home (Hazel Park)               Varsity 7pm

Week 5           Sept. 21         Divine Child              Away                                        Varsity 7pm

Week 6           Sept. 28         Cranbrook                 Away                                        Varsity 7pm

Week 7           Oct. 5              U of D Jesuit             Home (Hazel Park)              Varsity 7pm

Week 8           Oct. 13            Delta Prep                 Home (Berkley)                    Varsity 7pm

Week 9           Oct. 19            Prep Bowl

Click on the link for a downloadable copy: 2018 Loyola Football Schedule