Loyola is committed to meeting each of our students “where they are at” and helping them become the young man that we know they are capable of becoming – to encourage them to self-define who they will be and not be limited by whom society may think they should be.  We help them define their own unique path and develop that inner guidepost to lead them on their way through the lives they will make for themselves as they make their mark in the world.

As part of this focus, Loyola created the role of Transitions Coordinator to help mentor and assist recent graduates in their years beyond Loyola.  The Transitions Coordinator is responsible for being in relationship with each of our graduating seniors as they transition into college, police and fire academies, military service or whatever path best fits their talents and aspirations.  As part of this effort, the Coordinator provides an array of support mechanisms to our recent graduates, from sending care-packages, taking part in campus visits or simply being available to our
young men as a resource to answer questions or give advice – the Coordinator acts as an extension of the Loyola Community to help our graduates find success beyond their years at Loyola.

Since establishing the position in 2014, our Transitions Coordinator, Angela Hunter, has worked with and been engaged with each of our graduating seniors.  Ms. Hunter has provided a valuable resource available to all of our recent graduates, including those who have gone off to college or those who found themselves on a different path.

So where is the Bulldog Class of 2014?