How does LWEP work?

To enhance students’ potential for success as adults, Loyola requires juniors and seniors to participate in LWEP, the first program of its kind in the metro Detroit area. As a component of Loyola’s academic program, LWEP gives each student the opportunity  to use personal and processional skills in a real-world workplace environment. At the same time, LWEP helps students assume part of the financial responsibility for their own education.

Details of the program include:

  • Juniors and seniors work one day each week, plus one Friday per month in entry-level clerical positions at law and accounting firms, manufacturers, and other service providers. These employers are referred to as LWEP sponsors.
  • Students sign over their earnings to LWEP in order to help reduce the gamp between what they pay in tuition and the actual cost of their education.
  •  A team of four students share a full-time position. Each student works one day a week, Monday – Thursday, plus one Friday a month.
  • Part-time positions are also available one, two, or three days a week.
  • LWEP charges a flat fee and handles payroll, W-4, workers compensation, FICA, and other payroll issues.
  • Sponsors who outsource a full-time position to LWEP pay a fee of $28,000. Sponsors who outsource a part-time position pay a prorated fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are LWEP’s start and end dates?

The program runs from the Tuesday after Labor Day until the last day of school, which is typically the second week in June.

Do students receive any job training to prepare for their placements?

Yes, LWEP provides summer training sessions, as well as periodic sessions throughout the school year. Training includes workplace etiquette, phone skills, filing, and photocopying. Additionally, students are competent in Microsoft Word and Excel from their Loyola computer classes.

How are students assigned?

After determining the needs of each position and evaluating student skills, the LWEP staff assigns each student to his position.

How do students make up missed classroom instruction?

When Loyola made the decision to adopt LWEP in 2003, the faculty and administration developed a schedule for juniors and seniors that ensures students do not miss classroom instruction because of work days.

Who supervises the students?

LWEP staff, in consultation with the Sponsor, supervises students. The LWEP Director works directly with each student and sponsor in all supervisory matters.

How do the students get to work?

The LWEP staff provides transportation to and from the work site.

Can students work on school holidays or during the summer?

Students are allowed to work over breaks and holidays. LWEP continues to provide transportation. The Sponsor pay LWEP a per diem rate. After deducting the transportation costs, LWEP turns this compensation over to the student. Additionally, juniors can work the summer before their senior year.

How do the students dress for work?

Sutdents report to work in their school uniform, which consists of dress pants, dress shirt, dress shoes, belt, and tie. In some cases, their attire will be adjusted to conform to the standards of the work site.

How can our company get more information?

For more information, please contact Kenneth Gardner at 313-861-2407, ext. 126 or email at kgardner@loyolahsdetroit.orga.

"I've always wanted to work in finance or the accounting field, so having this job for LWEP means a lot to me. It gives me an opportunity to see what goes on in this field, and I love it. This job has pushed me and has gotten me more interested in finance and accounting. Before the job I wasn't sure what I wanted to do when I get to college. Now, I'm sure it's either going to be finance, accounting, marketing or something in business. This job has given me the drive to work even harder than I already do. I’ve also learned to speak up when I need help." Paul Dabney '19 (Dykema)