Bulldog for a Day

Come join us on campus for a day in the life of this great school. Sign up for our “Bulldog for a Day” program. You’ll be warmly welcomed as one of our students personally takes you through a full school day. Feel our amazing spirit firsthand. And experience how powerful it can be to be a part of this close-knit brotherhood of students grounded in Christian love, justice and service.

To ensure a smooth and productive day, please take note of the following information:

Arrival and Sign-In:

Students who are shadowing should arrive at the Pinehurst entrance.

This entrance will lead them directly to the front office where they will sign in.

We recommend that shadowing students arrive no later than 7:50 am to allow time for them to meet their assigned student partner for the day.

School Day Schedule:

Our school day begins promptly at 8:00 am with a brief morning prayer in the chapel.

Following prayer and daily announcements, students will disperse to their lockers and prepare for their first-period classes.

Shadowing students are not required to bring school materials for the day, but they are welcome to bring a book bag and books if they prefer.

If shadowing a 9th-grade student, please encourage them to bring a pair of gym shoes to participate in Physical Education for the day.

Lunch Options:

A school lunch will be provided for the shadowing student, but they may also bring a packed lunch if preferred.

Dress Code:

We kindly request that shadowing students adhere to our dress code policy by wearing either their school uniform or business casual attire.

Business casual attire includes dress slacks or khaki pants, a dress shirt, a belt, and dress shoes.


The school day ends at 4:00 pm.

Parents or guardians can pick up students from either our parking lot entrance on Monte Vista or at the front entrance on Pinehurst.


For more information, contact our Director of Admissions, Paul Davis ’11

Phone: (313) 861-2407 ext. 510
Email: pdavis@loyolahsdetroit.org