Men for Others
Annual Appeal

When you support Loyola High School, your faith shines like a beacon in our neighborhood and in the lives of our brotherhood. Your support doesn’t just keep the classroom lights on, it keeps hope alive in the lives of our deserving young men. Your caring fuels their dreams and prepares each of them for future success with a rigorous Catholic education in the Jesuit tradition.


By any measure, it’s truly amazing how your belief in Loyola and your generous backing enriches so many lives.

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Today, we ask you to join our Annual Appeal to ensure that our Catholic high school in northwest Detroit continues to thrive. With your support, we can continue to prepare our students to be men of Christian love, justice, and service…who act with integrity, compassion, and courage. Together in joy and faith, we can send forth another generation of Men for Others. Men for Detroit.

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Thank you for your belief and your support today.
God bless you.