A strong academic program supported by dedicated faculty are the key to success at Loyola. Our students work hard in the classroom each and every day. Our students not only learn science, math, various languages, social studies and theology – but also how to study, how to work, and understand the discipline needed to be successful in life.


Admission Requirements for Incoming 9th Grade Students:

  • Schedule a day to shadow as a Bulldog for the Day
  • Submit application
  • Reserve a date to take entrance exam (available dates found below, click link to register – https://goo.gl/forms/xu3q0EiTGv1wrB722 )
    • November 16
    • December 7
    • January 7, January 25
    • February 15
    • March 14
    • April 4
    • May 9
  • Student / Parent Interview
  • Receive Acceptance Letter in the mail

Admission Requirements for Incoming Transfer Students:

  • Contact Admissions Office to set up a meeting
  • Submit application
  • Provide most up-to-date transcript available
  • Student / Parent Interview
  • Receive notification of acceptance from Admissions Office


Call Paul Davis ’11, Director of Admissions, at (313) 861-2407 ext. 110, or send an email to pdavis@loyolahsdetroit.org, if you have any question or are ready to get your process started!


We encourage all students interested in Loyola High School to participate in our “Bulldog for a Day” program, which allows prospective students to shadow currently enrolled students for a full school day. This is a great opportunity to gain a glimpse into the community environment, enriched culture, and classroom dynamics that Loyola provides.


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