Men for Others, Men for Detroit

Loyola High School develops young men to be leaders who will “set the world on fire” with God’s love.
We are an engine for transformative change in our students’ lives and our community’s ascendence.
With the distinctive dual support of the Society of Jesus and the Archdiocese of Detroit, we are uniquely positioned to provide a faith-based, academically rigorous, “whole-person” education to young men of compassion and courage.

An Exceptional Son

Each young man who comes to Loyola is exceptional. He is at the core of our mission. When he arrives as a boy, we meet him where he is, and through individual care, academic rigor, spiritual formation, and real-world instruction, this child of God becomes an extraordinary young man capable of being a global citizen and changing the world.

A Joyful Brotherhood

The shortest and most powerful sentence in the Loyola Community Prayer is “We are not alone.” Loyola men are accompanied and nurtured in their high school journey by a talented, passionate staff and close-knit brotherhood grounded in Christian love, justice, and service. In all their endeavors, Loyola men unfailingly support each other and exude integrity, courage, and joy.

A Powerful Legacy

From our location in Northwest Detroit, Loyola men contribute every day to the rebirth of our community and our city. Our campus will be a beautiful, open place of positive energy and “home” for our family and neighbors. It is a place woven into the fabric of the city and an incubator for its future leaders. Every year from these halls, we graduate a new company of young men full of confidence and hope, and poised to create a positive, lasting impact as “Men for Others, Men for Detroit.”